The World Mushroom Record “broke” at the 4th Annual Spilia Community Mushroom Festival. The company Kyriakides Mushrooms in collaboration with the Cyprus Chefs Association set up a pan with a diameter of 4 meters and made the largest saute of mushrooms weighing 1000 kg breaking the previous record which was 341 kg in different pans.

More than 40 Chefs, all members of the Cyprus Chefs Association with their culinary forces, executed the frying, managing to break the previous record!
The Mushroom Festival in Spilia took place for the 4th year, and has now become established after the great response it had in previous years. This year an even bigger festival was set up with visitors enjoying the various traditional dishes, accompanied by Cypriot drink and music.

Guests had the opportunity to try many mushroom dishes, such as mushroom gyros, mushroom soup, mushroom-bao buns, and mushroom spaghetti.
Also available were mushroom kits, which you can grow fresh and organic mushrooms at home.

The event featured various activities for children and adults, including lectures by experts on the benefits and properties of mushrooms, nature walks accompanied by the Forestry, inflatables and hidden treasure.

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