About Us


Cyprus Chefs Association (C.C.A.)

The Cyprus Chefs Association (C.C.A.) is a professional, non-profit organization that aims to unite chefs and cooks from all over Cyprus in a shared dedication to professional excellence. As an organization, the (C.C.A.) represents a single voice on all issues related to professional cooking.

Establishment of C.C.A.

The Cyprus Chefs Association (C.C.A.) was established in 1994.

Became a member of WACS

Cyprus Chefs Association became a full member of the World Association of Cooks Society (WACS) in 1996.

Establishment of the National Culinary Team

In 2001 the first national culinary team was established in order to represent the association in all major international culinary festivals.

Our Goals and Objectives

All our goals are achieved through continuous education and professional development of the members of the association.

Culinary Standards

Key objectives are to maintain and enhance the culinary standards of Cypriot cuisine.

Members’ Development

To improve the quality of its members practicing the culinary profession in Cyprus whilst achieving the goal of promoting the Cypriot kitchen abroad.

Cyprus Representation

Finally, the main aim of the C.C.A. is the worthy representation of Cyprus in all international conferences and gastronomic festivals.

Our Structure

The Cyprus Chefs Association is managed by an eleven-member committee board elected every two years at the annual general meeting. The position of the “Manager” of the National culinary team is appointed by the committee board every four years.


According to the statute of the C.C.A., all professional chefs, cooks, and trainers working in the wider food industry (hotels, restaurants, caterers, schools, etc) can become members without exception. Companies or catering educational institutions can also become members of the C.C.A..

The C.C.A. actively contributes not only to the culinary scene of Cyprus but also to the social awareness of the island by organizing charitable events that aim to support our local communities in partnership with other organizations and individuals.