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The gastronomy of the Eastern Mediterranean, of the countries of the Levant, is returning to the world table and is becoming one of the most stylish and influential cuisines. Levantine food is gaining a lot of recognition due to the growing trend for a healthier diet and a return to the roots, but mainly because it promises a taste journey to the magical taste and aromas of the East. Trainees will have the opportunity to witness a wide variety of recipes inspired by the Levantine region, and in particular the Lebanese culinary culture.

The seminar is addressed to Cooks, Chefs and assistant Chefs, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias

Seminar dates: November 14 & 15, 2022
Duration: 14 hours
Price: €280.00
Ιnstructor: JOE BARZA, International Master Celebrity Chef-Culinary Consultant

Due to the limited number of seats, please reserve your seats in time.
For more information, please contact the SAK telephone numbers 25-222998 / 99-042004 or our e-mail.

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