Dear Guests,
Dear Honorary President of the Cyprus Chef’s Association,
Dear collaborators, friends and members of the Cyprus Chef’s Association.

We welcome 2022 having experienced and experiencing unprecedented situations. Our industry has been hit! Our colleagues seem to be being persecuted in an effort to resolve the pandemic crisis.
Preparing today’s presentation with the team of Cyprus Chef’s Association and arranging the material we have collected, we found out that we have done a huge job in recent years.
From events, exhibitions, participation in international competitions, the actions with Ministry of Tourism, certification of our facilities, charity work, videos and the final design of the grand project in Vouni, the Cyprus Culinary Institute.

For each action, the efforts were collective. It is a great honor for everyone to participate, both as members and as sponsors, strategic partners and supporters.
It is a great emotion for today’s event because firstly, we have so much to present and say about the work produced by Cyprus Chef’s Association, and secondly, because it is the last term in which I ran as a candidate in the elections.
I have been the President of the Cyprus Chef’s Association since 2015. Since 1994, when I expressed the idea of establishing Cyprus Chef’s Association until today, I have served C.C.A from all positions.
Gastronomy is a branch that is loved with passion – the Association is just as much loved. Through C.C.A we serve our industry and that is why it steals so much time from our daily life.

Thank you for being with us today! Thank you because it is the core of the Association and because I was asked to be brief and concise, I give the floor to Stefani for the rest of the event.

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