HORECA GASTRONOMIA EXPO is coming in November 2023

The biggest Gastronomy exhibition in Cyprus!!

Hot spot for leading professionals of the tourism industry and mass catering in Cyprus, it is the largest exhibition of products and services related to equipment and business catering organized by the Association of Chefs of Cyprus in collaboration with IMH, from 10 to 12 November 2023 , at the premises of the State Exhibition of Nicosia.

The HORECA-Gastronomia Expo attracts leading professionals from the hotel and wider tourism industry, as well as professionals from the food and catering industry.

The purpose of the exhibition is to bring the professionals of the above sectors in direct contact with companies that cover the entire spectrum of products and services, related to the equipment and supply of hotel units and mass catering areas.

At the same time, within the framework of the exhibition, various related events are organized, such as competitions with the participation of professional groups of cooks, Street Food, wine tasting events, Cypriot traditional products, etc.

The public will in turn have the opportunity to see up close the largest presentation of food, drinks, equipment and machinery for restaurants, hotels, cafes and, in general, for all mass catering and tourism venues.
In parallel with the exhibition, the Association of Chefs of Cyprus organizes the largest Cypriot culinary and pastry festival. The competitions that take place within the framework of the festival, give the opportunity to everyone without exception (SAK members, students of hotel schools and students of tertiary schools), to compete as equal to equal, with the aim of upgrading professional knowledge and techniques and exchanging valuable experiences at the application table.

In the context of these competitions, the professional chefs who will represent S.A.K., but also Cyprus, in various global culinary festivals and cooking competitions, are also given the opportunity to stand out.

More details about the competitions and exhibition will be released soon.

Organisers: Association of Chefs of Cyprus & IMH
10 – 12 November 2023, at the premises of the Cyprus State Exhibition

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