Cyprus Chefs Association - Cooking Shows

Dear members,

We hope that this message reaches each one of you well and healthy. With the recent restrictions implemented by the Cypriot Government regarding the COVID-19 virus, Cyprus Chefs Association feels a strong social responsibility and the need to support the people.

Taking this into consideration, we as CCA, have collaborated with Deputy Ministry of Tourism to produce educational cooking videos that will be uploaded on various social media platforms, including the CCA and Deputy Ministry of Tourism web sites.

These videos will provide basic and alternative ways of cooking that will escape from the everyday cooking stereotypes.

The following topics will be presented:

  • Modern Cypriot Breakfast
  • Redefining Cypriot Desserts
  • Bulbs, fungus and aromatics in Cyprus
  • Cypriot Cuisine …… then and now
  • Cooking traditions around Cyprus
  • Modern Cypriot plate presentation
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine in Cyprus
  • The influence of Cypriot Cuisine on the Mediterranean Diet

We feel it is our responsibility and our duty to present these educational videos during these difficult times. If any of our members wish to volunteer and take part, please fill out the personal data form on the CCA web site and email it back to with subject “Written Consent for Personal Data”.

Terms and Conditions:

Members chosen to participate in the videos must be dressed accordingly – black trousers and white chefs jacket.

If you are interested, please email us at

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