Gastronomia Ho.Re.Ca. Exhibition

The "Gastronomia Ho.Re.Ca." exhibition is organized every two years, usually during the month of November by the Cyprus Chefs’ Association and the company “Arvani Investments Ltd” and is the foremost, professional exhibition in the food industry. The primary objective of this exhibition is to give Cypriot professionals the opportunity to be informed of the latest developments in the field of cooking and pastry, as well as in hotel and restaurant equipment.

Along with the exhibition, the C.C.A. organizes the largest island-wide culinary festival in cooking and pastry. The competitions that take place within the festival offer the opportunity to everyone (members of the C.C.A., hotel schools students and tertiary schools students) to compete as equals in order to enhance professional knowledge and techniques and to exchange valuable experience.

These competitions also present an opportunity for recognition of the professionals who will represent the CCA and Cyprus in various international festivals and cooking competitions.

Finally, the exhibition remains open to the public giving the opportunity to all those associated with quality cuisine and good food to come into direct contact with all professional chefs and members of the C.C.A. and to become acquainted with the people who constantly seek to raise the profile of Cyprus within the culinary world.

The primary purpose of the C.C.A. remains the continuous qualitative upgrading of “Gastronomia” as "a celebration of all chefs" in order to continue providing all stakeholders with new experiences and valuable knowledge as a result of their personal and professional advancement.