The Cyprus Chefs Association according to  the success  of the first seminar on Fermentation, is proceeding to a more specialized seminar on the Fermentation of dairy products and especially cheeses.

Trainees will attend a demonstration of cheese production technology and have the opportunity to do an organoleptic evaluation and tasting of the constructions and other selected cheeses. At the same time, the trainees will get to know in depth the basic principles of fermentation, its history, microbiology, its uses as well as the development of flavor and nutritional value in products.

Dates: May 08 & 15, 2023

Duration: 14 hours

Price: €180.00

Fotis Papadimas, Associate Professor in the subject of “Science and Technology of Animal Products” at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science of TEPAK.

Those interested in participating in the training programs must submit a relevant application through their employer to the Association of Chefs of Cyprus through the Ermis system,  www.ermis.              .

Relevant information can be found in the Policy and Procedure Guides of the Plans found on the ANAD website,

For more information you can contact 25 222 998

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