Chocolate giandougia with pistachio creme brule



  • 500γρ. Butter
  • 1500γρ. Milk
  • 1500γρ. Dark Chocolate
  • 100γρ. Roasted and ground hazelnut

Heat the milk and add the rest of the ingredients in. Mix well until chocolate and butter has been melt. Chill well in a refrigerator before use.

Flour less sponge:

  • 700gr. Egg white
  • 900gr. Sugar
  • 475gr. egg yolks
  • 210gr. Cocoa
  • 100gr. Almond powder

Beat the eggs and sugar in a mixer until they become meringue. Add slowly the yolks, cocoa and almond powder. Lay out in a baking tray and cook at 175c for 6-8 minutes. Leave it to cool.

Chocolate glaze:

  • 125gr milk
  • 125gr fresh cream
  • 40gr glucose
  • 435gr milk chocolate
  • 40gr butter

Heat the milk, fresh cream and glucose until 40c and then add chocolate and butter. Mix well and glaze between 30c to 35c.

Pistachio crème Brule:

  • 100gr. Fresh cream
  • 200gr. Egg yolk
  • 150gr. Sugar
  • 50gr. Pistachio paste
  • Vanilla



  • Add the yolks, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and add pistachio paste. Mix well.
  • Heat the cream slightly and add the rest of the ingredients whisking all time. Remove from the heat and pass through a strainer. Bake in 100c for about 25 minutes and when cool down blast freeze.
  • In a mould add the sponge, half of Giantouyia and crème Brule.
  • Close with the rest of Giantouyia and when chill completely glaze and garnish.


Recipe from: Antonis Charalambous member of the CCA