Chilled beetroot soup in shot


  • Beetroot juice 400gr
  • White vinegar 20ml
  • Strained Yogurt 100gr
  • Garlic 5gr
  • Horseradish sauce 20gr
  • Chives 10gr
  • Fizzy 5 gr
  • Coconut foam
  • Water 80ml
  • Sugar 20gr
  • Coconut milk 50ml
  • Lecithin 1gr


Beetroot soup
Clean and cook beetroot. Blend and strain and add white vinegar,Strained Yogurt, Garlic, Horseradish
sauce, fizzy and stir. Keep in the fridge..
Coconut foam:
Mix all the ingredients and move the blender over the surface of the coconut air and mix to emulsify and
obtain a stable air. Put the soup into the shots and add the air on top of the soup. Garnish with chives.

Recipe by Mr.Stylianou Nikos