Cappuccino pork fillet


  • 20 gr. butter
  • 180gr pork fillet (strips)
  • 4 mushrooms (medium)
  • 40ml amaretto
  • 30ml espresso coffee
  • 180ml double fresh cream
  • Salt

For the foam

  •  150gr mushroom stock
  • 150gr. milk (0% fat)
  • 1.5gr. lecithin
  • Salt & pepper

For the garnish

  •  2 slices of courgette (grill)
  • 100gr steam jasmine rice
  • 2 Carrot slice
  • 1 Stuffed green olive with rosemary

1. Melt the butter in a large pan over medium heat. Add the pork and fry for 2 min. add the mushrooms and continue fry.
2. Αdd the amaretto and reduce slightly.. .
3. Add the espresso and reduce the sauce again. Add the fresh cream.
4. Continue simmer for about 4 min until the sauce become thick.
5. Serve in a cappuccino cup.
For the foam
1. Mixed all the ingredients in 60c degrees and combine with blender
2. Garnish foam on top of the cup
3. Topped with dry mushroom (optional)

For the garnish

Wrap the jasmine rice in the carrot slice.
Place carrot cylinder and stuffed olive on the grilled courgettes.
Recipe from George Kadis and Christoforos Antoniou members of CCA